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Excursion Day: Learning Bahasa in Pasar Badung Traditional Market

15th June 2022 – Undiknas International student, Julia, went to Pasar Badung traditional market to attend the Excursion Day. Julia is the international student who has joined Undiknas University’s Short Course program which has been held for 4 months since 08th of February 2022 between Undiknas and foreign students from several universities in Europe, facilitated by the Asia Exchange. This is one of the implementations of the cooperation that has been established between Undiknas and the Asia Exchange based in Finland.

On this special occasion, the Rector of Universitas Pendidikan Nasional, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nyoman Sri Subawa, S.T., S.Sos., M.M. IPM. met and accompanied Julia to Pasar Badung traditional market to practice her Indonesian language skills. This Excursion Day event was held as Julia’s final project for BIPA Program. With the small note on her hand, she tried to practice her knowledge of Indonesian language by bargaining with the merchant in Pasar Badung traditional market. She was also accompanied by two international students to help her bid prices to the traders in the market. The merchants also helped Julia practicing her Indonesian language skill and some even spoke good English.

After she finished her project, Rector was giving a handover of certificate and academic transcript directly. He was accompanied by the Head of International Office, Ida Nyoman Basmantra, S.Pd. M.Pd., M.M. who also presented. The Rector of Undiknas said that he was proud and appreciated Julia’s trust in choosing Undiknas as a study destination among various universities in Asia. Julia was very enthusiastic when participating this program.