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Introduction to MERIA Program in Collaboration with iCAM Singapore

Denpasar, 30th September 2022 – Universitas Pendidikan Nasional (Undiknas University) in collaboration with the International Center for ASEANA Management (iCAM), Singapore carried out the Introduction of MERIA (Mentoring Educators and Researchers in Asia) program. This activity was attended by all Deans and their ranks, the LP2M Unit (Institute for Research and Community Service), and Lecturers at Undiknas University. The activity which took place at the Social Laboratory, Smart Solution Hall, UNDIKNAS was also attended by Prof. Dr. John Vong as representative of iCAM Singapore.

The Introduction of MERIA program was opened by Prof. Dr. John Vong. In the first session, Prof. Dr. John Vong made a brief introduction to the MERIA program to the participants. He explained that the purpose of the MERIA program is to mentor lecturers and researchers from ASEAN to conduct research, deliver papers at international conferences, and publish in peer-reviewed international journals. He also gives tips to lecturers on how the articles they write can be selected for international journals indexed by Scopus. The lecturers seemed very enthusiastic about participating in this short seminar and some of them also had time to ask Prof. Dr. John Vong related to the article they wrote. Then the second session was continued by reviewing several selected lecturers’ articles that had been previously submitted. In this session, Prof. Dr. John Vong provided suggestions and input to the selected articles.

The MERIA program is a form of implementation of the MOU collaboration between iCAM Singapore and Undiknas University. By holding the Introduction of MERIA program, it is hoped that it can encourage and motivate lecturers in Undiknas to write and publish their scientific works in international journals indexed by Scopus. In the future, it is also hoped that other useful programs will be established with iCAM Singapore. slot lapak pusat RTP harmonibet Rtp Live Rtp slot data sgp data hk keluaran hk