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International class has been established in 2016. All the programs are accredited A based on BAN PT-DIKTI. International class is different from the usual class in which it is known as regular class. Its specialty is on the educational supporting instruments such as the curriculum, lesson, facilities, and learning environment.

In the curriculum, international class has used an international integrated curriculum. All the lessons contained in the curriculum are adapted from what is learned by the students aboard or outside of Indonesia. Some of the content is slightly like Indonesian curriculum but it has been developed regarding the international curriculum. From the lesson aspect, it is presented using full English. All lecturers of the international class program have mastered the material being taught. They have been certified to teach the lesson using English as the language of delivering the lesson.

International class full degree programs are divided into two programs namely:

  1. Bachelor of Management (Accredited A)
  2. Bachelor of Accounting (Accredited A)

The duration for completing the full degree program is 3,5 years to 4 years of full study at Undiknas. The degree programs would be Sarjana Manajemen (S.M.) for Bachelor of Management program and Sarjana Akuntansi (S.Ak.) for Bachelor of Accounting Program.

International Business Management

The International Business Management Bachelor Program provides opportunities for careers with a focus on graduates who are qualified in:

  1. International entrepreneurship
  2. International business and marketing
  3. Human Capital and Leadership
  4. Professional managers with the implementation of strategic global leadership

International Accounting & Finance

The International Accounting and Finance Bachelor Program projects graduates who are professionally qualified in international managerial and financial accounting. Graduates of this International Class Program will also be born into:

  1. Professional business accountants
  2. International accountants
  3. Financial analysts

International Enrichment Program

Students will take part in the International Enrichment Program as one of the leading programs specifically for the International Class program where they have the opportunity to study and attend lectures at well-known universities abroad within a week.

The graduates can also continue their postgraduate education at international educational institutions.
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